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Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement: Products/Services

For Navy Personnel Only (CAC required):

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Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) including the 6010 manual, the Tag-Out manual and the ITPAM:

This manual serves as: A standardized, basic set of minimum requirements to be used by all Type Commanders and subordinate commands. Clear, concise technical instructions to ensure maintenance is planned, executed, completed and documented within all Fleet commands. A vehicle for implementing Regional Maintenance policies across all platforms. A comprehensive set of process descriptions for use by schools such as Surface Warfare Officer School (SWOS), Senior Officer Ship Maintenance and Repair Course (SOSMRC), Engineering Duty (ED), Technical Training, etc.

Availability Planning (AP):

SUBMEPP's Availability Planning Division identifies maintenance and modernization requirements on thousands of components across all US submarine Classes and other unique submersible platforms to the organizations that are tasked with the complex duty of performing the work. Our AP professionals interface with submarine Commanders and squadrons, Naval and private shipyards, maintenance facility personnel, and ship's personnel (sailors and civilians) to ensure the timely accomplishment of required maintenance and modernization. Once maintenance is accomplished, data collected through the process allows for validation of work accomplishment and future planning. The accomplishment of certain maintenance and modernization are prerequisites to certify submarines for continued safe and reliable operations to design test depth. The Availability Planning division is an important cornerstone within SUBMEPP's work structure to ensure the provision of support for the safe and reliable operation of the United States submarine force.

Class Maintenance Planning (CMP):

The Class Maintenance Plan (CMP) is a collection of each submarine's required maintenance that helps achieve the submarine's full life expectancy.


SUBMEPP's engineering expertise backs every product and service we provide. Our engineers are integrated into every decision we make regarding submarine maintenance. This allows us to ensure the maximum in safety and reliability for America's undersea Fleet.

Maintenance Instruction Documents (MIDs):

Maintenance Instruction Documents (MIDs) are utilized by a wide range of personnel including but not limited to the waterfront, waterfront support, planning, and engineering. MIDs provide the technical guidance and requirements necessary to perform work on submarine systems and components.


SUBMEPP is responsible for assisting the submarine Navy in obtaining material for submarine overhauls such as piece-parts or entire working components that can be installed on the sub. SUBMEPP plays a key role in helping the shipyards obtain material for maintenance by predicting what material will be needed and working with Navy Supply system to ensure material is available through the Navy stock system. Ensuring material is available minimizes shipyard work delays and thereby helps the submarines get back out to sea on time.

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